Wrap up your property this Winter!

15 November 2016

With the winter months creeping upon us, Bellevue Lettings want to make sure both Landlords and Tenants are ready for the weather, whatever Scotland decides to throw at us this year. We have put together a little winter warmer guide on how to make sure your property is kept warm, dry and safe through-out winter.



Tenants – It is advisable to keep your heating system on in the property, even if you are not going to be home or are lucky enough to escape for some winter sun! Perhaps set a timer for your heating to come on for an hour a day? This prevents the pipes in the property from freezing which can not only cost your landlord some pretty expensive winter repair costs, but could affect your deposit should this be written in your lease.


Do you fancy facing the Scottish winter with a broken boiler? I know we wouldn’t! It is essential property maintenance to bleed your radiators regularly through-out winter. This involves releasing any trapped air that prevents your radiators from heating up. Not sure how to do it? Please see this handy video from British Gas showing you exactly how!

Power Cut

Scottish weather is so unpredictable! Are you prepared for a power cut? We advise getting a list together for things you may need should there be a cut in your area.

Here’s a list of some things you may need to have handy:

  • A Torch with extra batteries
  • Some Candles to help heat the property. Don’t forget to keep an eye on them!
  • Ensure your mobile is fully charged
  • Extra Blankets to keep warm

If you want to really be prepared and have camping gear handy, and have a safe place to set up, perhaps a camping stove?

Visit  for initial advice on what to do when you suspect a power cut.

Roof Checks

This one is for the Landlords! Have you had your roof checked recently? It may be an idea to get this done prior to the harsher winter months to avoid loose roof slates blowing off and exposing the properties to water damage.

You may not be the top floor flat and therefore feel you need not worry about the roof… think again. Weather conditions such as high winds and rain will easily affect each and every property in the building and once the top floor property has been exposed, this could carry down through the rest of the properties.

Is your property factored? Perhaps contact your factor and neighbours to request a winter check on your roof and don’t forget those gutters! Especially after the Autumn fall, your gutters may be clogged with leaves which when mixed with rainfall will cause them to eventually overflow and break.

Void Periods

Landlords, don’t neglect your property. Void periods are never favoured at the best of times but in winter, this is truer than ever. Make sure you/your agent visits the property during void periods to carry out routing inspections and turns on your heating and water every now and then to prevent any winter damage.


If you haven’t already got insurance (Yes Tenants, you too), there is no better time than pre winter. Protect your property and contents from the worst possible outcome of the Scottish Weather. Not sure who to insure with? Get in touch with Bellevue Lettings- we have a trusted insurer that we use for our own properties to guarantee you the best cover.

Out in the Sticks

Some of our tenants are far from the hustle and bustle of City Centre. This means more snow, more wind and more rain. Hurrah! There are a few other things to consider for our countryside tenants- these include purchasing snow shovels if your landlord hasn’t already provided one, extra grit/salt and the key here is your neighbours. Keep in touch with your neighbours and be sure to check on your elderly neighbours in the winter months. Offer a hand with shovelling and ensuring they are kept warm and safe. It is even more important that you follow the above guidelines as these properties are much more exposed to the elements.


Being in Scotland, we never know what the weather has in store for us. Could it be a white winter this year? Who knows! All we know is that we need to make sure to look after not only ourselves during winter, but our properties. We hope you find this little guide helpful. If you need more information, please get in touch by calling 0131 516 3210 or emailing


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